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“The Masonic Initiate: A Guide to Light” by Bradrick A. Joyner


The Fraternity of Freemasonry supplies the necessary resources, that when properly applied, can assist a man in bettering himself not only mentally and physically, but also spiritually. In an attempt to revive the interest, within the Fraternity, of the practical applications of the deeper spiritual lessons provided within the degrees, “The Masonic Initiate – A Guide to Light” confirms for every Brother that his Fraternity is furnished with the necessary tools to erect his spiritual temple. This book provides a foundation to begin the “journey of the soul” through the manifestation of the teachings of the degrees of Freemasonry. This book focuses on the Entered Apprentice degree of Freemasonry, covering it’s symbolism, forms and ceremonies. It takes the lessons and symbols of the first degree of Freemasonry, and reveals content that can be applied through both traditional and contemporary forms of spiritual development. This book gives a fresh perspective; it links spiritual practices, like visualization and meditation, to the teachings of Freemasonry. “The Masonic Initiate – A Guide to Light” can be beneficial for the youngest member of the Fraternity, as it attempts to clarify the nature of the forms and ceremonies of his degree, and shed Light on what it means to be “initiated.” At the same time, it offers a fresh perspective on some of the symbols and ceremonies that can be well received, enlightening, and even quite refreshing for the elder Brother.

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