“The Genesis of Freemasonry” By David Harrison

This book is a revealing but thoroughly enjoyable journey through the intricate history of English Freemasonry. Historian Dr. David Harrison reconstructs the hidden history of the movement, tracing its roots through a mixture of mediaeval guild societies, alchemy and necromancy. … Read More

“Who Was Hiram Abiff?” by J.S.M. Ward

Every Freemason must have at some point asked himself the above question. In Masonic teachings Hiram Abiff is the architect of King Solomon’s Temple and his story is one of faithfulness and death before dishonour. But more than that, Hiram … Read More

“Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723”

Anderson’s Constitution is the basis of Modern Freemasonry and its foundation of operation. A variety of stories and irregularities exist about its legitimacy and its foundation, yet, it remains an early canon of Masonic History. For some background this excerpt … Read More

“Revolutionary Brotherhood” by Steven Bullock

In the first comprehensive history of the fraternity known to outsiders primarily for its secrecy and rituals, Steven Bullock traces Freemasonry through its first century in America. He follows the order from its origins in Britain and its introduction into … Read More

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