“Masters of Atlantis” by Charles Portis

1917 France, Lamar Jimmerson finds a little book of Atlantean puzzles, Egyptian riddles, alchemical metaphors, and the Codex Pappus said to be the sacred Gnomonic text. He expands the noble brotherhood, survives scandalous schism, bids for governor of Indiana, and sees Gnomons … Read More

“Macoy’s Worshipful Master’s Assistant”

Robert Macoy’s original writing is enlarged and revised and includes subject matter from The Worshipful Master responsibilities to Forms and By-laws. 13 Chapters address various Masonic issues and procedures in a guideline dating from 1885 which still holds true today.

“The Craft Driven Lodge” By Daniel D Hrinko

About the fundamental principles that are essential to the long-term health and well-being of Masonic Lodges. The Craft Driven Lodge approach allows brothers to identify their particular interests, their particular resources, and empowers them to create a Lodge experience that … Read More

“My Journey To Light” by Shawn Summey

My Journey to Light is a 200 Page Chronology of your Masonic Journey. Record important dates that you received degrees Record Appointments. Record Dates Served in various Bodies, or Committees. Record stories that need to be remembered. Most Importantly, Preserve … Read More

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