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“Freemasonry the Esoteric Tradition” by MWGM Fabio Venzi

“Freemasonry the Esoteric Tradition”

by MWGM Fabio Venzi

In recent times the aims of Freemasonry and its ritual has changed. The ritual is purported to no longer disclose any ‘hidden’ elements, there is nothing to ‘reveal’, indeed, the ritual appears to have made everything clearer; the individual, the Freemason, is now seen merely a principled person par excellence, whose sole aim is to do good and set a good example.

It’s now only increasingly rare individuals who behold something of a deeper nature in our Masonic ritual and teachings and are often considered as somewhat eccentric or individuals or ‘fantasizers’; to be charitably tolerated as long as they do not overstep the mark with their fantastical interpretations.

This volume is devoted to those members of society who maintain that Freemasonry should be interpreted, experienced and lived as an authentic Initiatic School, as was doubtless intended by the creators of its complex ritual forms, brimming with symbols, allegories and hidden meanings.

Freemasonry the Esoteric Tradition

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