“Operative Freemasonry”

by Kirk White

Every new Mason learns that “operative masonry” refers to the art and practice of stoneworking while “speculative masonry” refers to Freemasonry. “Operative Freemasonry” is a manual on the art and practice of Freemasonry. By providing detailed information and advice often overlooked or forgotten on how Freemasonry “works”, this book explores how the fraternity can actually “make good men better” and keep them active in our lodges and chapters. Areas covered include: – Light Defined – Secrets and Mysteries – Prospective Freemasons: how to find them – Framing the Sacred: Preparation for Lodge – Openings and Closings – Initiation: what it is and how it works – Mentorship: how to keep our brothers active – Daily Freemasonry – Resources for Further Light Written for every Mason who wants to bring Light and Vitality back to his lodge and the fraternity.

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