Brother Thom Carter

Brother Thom is a Master Mason of Mt. Hermon Lodge #118 AF&AM of NC. He is an active member on the Music and Lodge setup Committees, and regularly contributes to Masonic Education in his lodge. His penchant for philosophy admonishes him to keep a keen eye on ritual, as well as explore the more esoteric nature of the “Gentle Craft.” As a practicing Kabbalist, he attempts to bring strong sense of mindfulness and reflection to Masonry.

“My brothers, thank you for coming to our site and being a part of Masonic betterment in your “leisure hours.” I hope that the books, ideas, and reflections on this site help you along your path to bring more light in Masonry as only each individual can. Blessings to you!”



Brother Thom can be reached at [email protected] He is open to feedback and discussions.