I’d be hard to believe you could find better information than what Brother (now Worshipful!) Michael Halleran has compiled in his book, “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Freemasonry in the American Civil War”.

The book starts off putting to rest some of the tall-tale stories that’s been passed down and still said in lodge today. He approaches the entire subject from an academic point of view and speaks only to what we have evidence on.

I will warn you that there is one part of the book that reminds me of that is similar to the “begots… who begot… who begot…. who begot…” from the Bible. lol you can probably skip past that, unless you’re a HUGE war nerd. Then I’d suppose you’d love it lol.

There’s many short stories inside of the book that can be cut & pasted into a Lodge Education piece, short or long.

And yes, for the old guard, there’s some stuff from George Washington….. lol

I found the book hard to put down, and he keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Freemasonry has held its eternal bond through history, and this book shows that. From entire cities being demolished -aside from the masonic lodge, of course-, to Brethren providing aid and support to a fallen Brother.

There’s stories of Charters and Lodge Jewels being found by the opponents and shipped to the proper Grand Lodge for safe keeping. Some were even held for YEARS and then delivered after the war.

10/10, would recommend to any American Mason.

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