Part One: Masonic History

  • 1 Why bother with Masonic history?
  • 2 Freemasonry, the founding of the United States, and the American future
  • 3 The transmission of esoteric knowledge and the origins of modern Freemasonry
  • 4 The Masonic roots of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • 5 Of Masons and Mormons: The relationship between Freemasonry’s rituals of initiation and the Latter-day Saint temple ceremonies
  • 6 Freemasonry in nineteenth century New York: A true story of murder, resurrection, and the Illuminati

Part Two: Masonic Symbolism

  • 7 The Inner Order of Freemasonry: Attitudes towards and methods for the study of symbolism
  • 8 The Temple and Tabernacle: Symbols of transformation [including instructions for a visualization exercise to further personal development]

Part Three: The Esoteric

  • 9 The mysteries of Freemasonry (some assembly required)
  • 10 Secret knowledge and the value of Freemasonry
  • 11 Freemasonry and the esoteric: Thoughts on esoterically oriented Masonic education and research [with extensive study suggestions]
  • 12 Kabbalah: A primer for Freemasons

Part Four: Building A Future for Freemasonry

  • 13 A central purpose of Freemasonry: Personal transformation
  • 14 A Masonic manifesto for the 21st century
  • 15 The resurgence of Freemasonry: Why it is needed and how it can be accomplished [with a clear program to bring about the Resurgence]
  • 16 Freemasonry and global domination: Simple steps to ruling the world

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